Bangalore, Jun. 1, 2015 – Nichi-In Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Utpaara Technologies Pvt. Ltd. today jointly launched the firm CIALFO Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to be the enablers for creating a strong sporting culture and ecosystem in India by providing knowhow and technology.


CIALFO Solutions Pvt. Ltd. launched in June 2015 derives its name from the Olympic Motto – Faster, Higher, Stronger which in Latin means Citius, Altius, Fortius.


Under joint partnership, CIALFO Solutions is building Mobile Applications and Software Solution Platforms focusing on Social Networking, Information Access & Management and Performance Management with a vision to bring in better awareness about sports and promote sports for Life Skills, Life Style, Fitness, Health and Profession.


The partnership of Utpaara Technologies with Nichi-In Solutions brings a winning combination to promote world-class sporting solutions across the country. “With this partnership we are embracing the opportunity to provide platform for sportspersons in India to Interact, Inspire and Achieve new heights in sports,” said the Co-Founder, Managing Director & CEO of CIALFO Solutions, Mr. Venkata Rachur.


“The collaboration has led us to anticipate sporting talents from India to benefit from the solutions and excel at World Games,” added Mr. Giri S N, Co-Founder, Managing Director & CEO, Nichi-In Software Solutions. Mr. Bapuji Madala, Co-Founder, Director and COO, Nichi-In, stated, “it is yet another milestone for Nichi-In to develop and market cutting edge Mobile Applications and Software Solution Platforms, with an aim to lay and strengthen the foundation of all the sports in India.”

About Utpaara Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Utpaara Technologies is a startup founded by Venkata Rachur in 2014. With a vision to develop socially relevant Mobile Applications and Solutions, Utpaara Technologies has identified Age Group Sports as one of the key areas to provide tools and technology solutions. Prior to Utpaara Technologies, Venkata Rachur spent more than 17 years with Oracle India and Oracle USA, heading key roles in Product Development and Architecture.

About Nichi-In Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Nichi-In Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company providing customized IT solutions to enable its customers ameliorate their business, since 1997. Nichi-In has been serving SMEs to Fortune 500 enterprises and has a great track record of retaining customers for a sustained business relationship. The belief “With a Customer Centric approach and KAIZEN as our MANTRA, we make Quality-Cost-Time to Market Equation work for our Customers” is the reason for its success. For more information, please visit

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