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Solutions to Match your Requirements

Nichi-In provides tailor made custom Enterprise solutions and Enterprise Mobility solutions for desktop, client-server, web, mobile and cloud platforms. We are keen to mobile enable and cloud enable your legacy enterprise solutions in this mobility and SMAC era.

Wide Spectrum of Services

Our services range from development of Desktop apps, Client-Server apps, Web apps, Mobile apps, Cloud based applications to the latest SMAC based applications. In addition to custom software development, we provide Migration & Legacy Software Modernization, Product Development & Software Testing services and Japanese Localization and Globalization services.

Employing Cutting Edge Technologies

Nichi-In specializes in providing innovative IT solutions and Application software development using optimized platforms, technologies and tools. Our technology expertise covers wide skill sets.

Solutions Transcending Verticals

Nichi-In has acquired requisite experience over the years by serving different industry verticals with a customer centric approach. We have served customers in Manufacturing, IT, Retail, Automotive, Finance and Healthcare verticals.


  • Custom Enterprise Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Cloud Based Applications
  • Localization & Globalization
  • Legacy System Modernization
  • Software Product Development

Enterprise Applications across Platforms

Nichi-In is adept at using the right framework architecture that best suits your application requirements be it desktop, client server or web applications.Our long web app development journey from 3 tier, MVC, Ajax to SOA architectures has enabled many of our customers realize business potential successfully.

Mobile Apps with Great User Experience

We design and build mobile applications for SMEs and large enterprises for Native and Hybrid/Cross platforms with emphasis on great user experience. Further, we provide Mobile app testing, Mobile app analytics and Mobile app migration services.

Cloud App Development to Increase the Reach

Nichi-In is keen to become a transformation partner for SMEs and large enterprises who are envisaging their journey in the cloud computing space. We provide cloud based application development and testing and legacy application cloud enabling services.

Japan Connection and Cross Market Advantage

Leverage our Japanese language capabilities and understanding of Japanese business culture along with our business connections to localize your solutions to Japanese market, thereby opening a new business opportunity. On the other hand, we can globalize applications or products currently developed in Japanese language to the English regions with ease.

Easy and Effective Migration to newer Platforms

Nichi-In understands the need for change and will help you upgrade your systems or applications in order to benefit your business by optimizing the right mix of existing (Application Management) vs. new technology (Migration, Enhancements).
Reuse and modernize your time-tested business applications to newer technologies and strategic platforms with Nichi-In’s Application Migration Services.

Agile, Innovative, Technologically Optimized

With methodologies such as Agile methodologies gaining traction and new technologies such as cloud and mobile platform converging, product development has acquired new significance and relevance. SaaS based product delivery mechanism accompanied by rapid prototyping has opened up several options for customers to visualize and innovate.


With a Customer Centric approach and KAIZEN as our MANTRA along with our expertise, we make Quality-Cost-Time to Market Equation work for you.



We evaluated Nichi-In in terms of design ability, schedule management, issue management. We found Nichi-In very professional in all this and we are happy to work with Nichi-In as one of the preferred outsourcing partners.

- NRI, Nomura Research Institute

Nichi-In has been a valuable partner for us in building solutions using web and cloud technologies.


- A critical IT solutions provider, based in Silicon Valley, USA