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Search Engine Marketing is a combination of natural and paid search engine listings to ensure organization’s website reaches an exact target audience.


Search Engine Optimization enhances the prominence of websites and helps achieve a higher search listing by optimizing the websites for the purpose of Search Engine exposure.


Pay Per Click (PPC) means, paying to get an organization’s website listed at a top position for relevant keywords on specific search engines. For each visitor that clicks on particular Ad, the organization is charged with a specific rate depending on the keyword bidding and other relevant factors. The benefit of PPC is that the organization only pays for the result gained.


How it works:

  • Choose specific keywords to appear in your ad
  • When people search for those keywords, your ad appears next to relevant search results
  • You pay a hosting service, like Google, only when your ad is clicked.
  • Once user click on particular Ad, the organization’s website needs to provide the right information (e.g.: call to action) to convert the clicks into sales
  • We have Google AdWords Certified professional and We’ll make advertising easy, hassle free, and effective.


Benefits of Paid Advertisement is a low cost, easy to measure solution that delivers a strong ROI by setting exact relevant keywords, language, location and daily budgets


We are here to help your business on

  • Creating a new ad campaign
  • Restructure an existing campaign
  • Track your conversions
  • Target people based on age, gender, and location
  • Target smartphone users with mobile-friendly ads


Most Common Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN, YouTube


We have experience with:

  • Google AdWords (we staff Accredited Professionals)
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Display Network Advertising
  • Remarketing Advertising
  • Banner Advertisement
  • Advertisement on Mobile Devices


Estimate your budget for your business needs!

If you wish to implement paid advertisement for your business, we recommend you entrust the task to Nichi-In Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. that has abundant experience and required technical background to serve your purpose.

Case Study

Client: NDR Co. Ltd.

NDR Co. Ltd. – www.ndr.co.jp is a company based in Japan, providing software, firmware and hardware services for various clients in Japan and other parts of the world.



  1. 1: To improve Keyword ranking

  2. 2: To generate more traffic 


After complete analysis of NDR website, Nichi-In identified the keywords and competitors with which the NDR website had to compete to achieve the ranking in SERP(Search Engine Result Pages).


Since the target countries are both Japan and USA, it was a challenge to optimize the website for two different countries in two different languages. However, with the help of bilingual team, we optimized the website according to the requirements specified.


As per requirement and goals, the promotional SEO activities were divided into two categories.


On Page optimization – Modified the website according to search engine standards, so that the website gets priority on crawling and indexing without any issues from any search engines. Later, we finalized the list of keywords that would generate the business traffic to the website by filtering the keywords based on various criteria like search volume, competition etc.


Off-Page Optimization – Increased the online visibility by building quality backlinks to the website in a natural way without doing any spamming activities.



After the SEO efforts, today the website ranks on the first page for many business keywords and getting genuine traffic from various search engines.






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製造中止デバイス fpga


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cpuボード 設計


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vxworks ドライバ 開発


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バイリンガル 人材派遣


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