About Us
About Us

Who we are

Nichi-In is a diversified global IT services company that provides optimal IT solutions and services to customers around the globe by bringing right processes, technologies and people together in a flexible manner.


We have extensive experience in serving SMEs to Fortune 500 enterprises in Japan, USA, Singapore, India etc. since 1997, with a time tested and proven Offshore Delivery Model which has evolved over the years.


We are a team of about 100 dynamic and motivated software professionals working in a multicultural environment with a great track record of retaining our customers be it SMEs or Large Global Enterprises by providing End to End customized solutions to them and thereby building long term business relationship.


Our journey starting from Desktop Application Development traversing through Client Server application development, Web Application Development and now the focus on Social Media, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics, abbreviated as SMAC enables us to provide a wide spectrum of services ranging from Legacy applications to SMAC based applications. We have worked on various business models such as Fixed price, Dedicated development team, Proof of Concept, Results based billing etc., in a flexible manner.


Our flexible adaption to various Software Development methodologies such as Waterfall, Spiral, Prototype, Agile etc., and effective usage of Process improvement and Productivity improvement tools have enabled our customers to realise the Cost-Time-Quality advantages to the maximum.


We are a Joint Venture with NDR Co. Ltd., Japan and have our offshore development center located in Bengaluru, also called as the Silicon Valley of India.


Why Nichi-In

With our customer centric approach and uncompromising commitment to quality and timelines, we have realized customer satisfaction for more than 17+ years resulting in long term business relationships and repeated Clientele.


We have the right expertise and attitude to understand your enterprise’s needs, complexities and nuances of your business processes and your priorities. This enables us to provide tailor made business solutions and services.


What are our Differentiators


Customer Centric flexible approach

We are receptive and empathetic in understanding the needs and expectations of our customers and adopt a flexible approach in terms of business model, processes, technologies and people. We strive to work collaboratively with the customer and we believe in being open and frank rather than being diplomatic in most situations thereby enabling trust to be built up over a period of time.


KAIZEN is our Mantra

We strive hard and see to it that there is a continual improvement in our processes, abilities and attitudes through regular training, knowledge sharing and interactive workshops. It is our constant endeavor to adopt software development best practices, latest and futuristic technologies, management methods, Quality Assurance standards and innovation. We are nimble footed as far as adaptability is concerned. Grooming and mentoring people at all levels of the pyramid structure is an ongoing process that enables people to grow higher and become ready to take up higher level responsibilities.


Japan Connection and Cross Market Advantage

Japanese customers have been the major part of our Clientele over the years. The long journey with them has been a constant learning experience for us and has brought mental strength and tenacity into the DNA of our organization, which have become our inherent strengths now. We are accustomed and tuned to satisfy the high expectations of the customers in terms of Quality, Timeline and Cost through team work, diligence, dedication, discipline, perseverance, flexibility and commitment. Japanese principles such as KAIZEN, Plan-Do-Check-Act cycles, commitment, productivity, long term thinking, verbal integrity, human touch etc., are imbibed into our DNA.


In addition to these, our Japanese language capabilities and knowledge and our adoption of nuances of Japanese business culture along with the strong business connections with SMEs and Enterprise Giants in Japan can be leveraged to localize your solutions or products to Japanese market, thereby opening a new business opportunity for Enterprises from non-Japan world, and vice versa.


Quality-Cost-Time to Market Equation

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and our well documented processes ensure the high quality of service and successful delivery to our customers. Quality Management System is implemented in spirit with a room for continual improvement. Our understanding about Quality being equal to Customer satisfaction, flexible adoption of Software development methodologies along with usage of Productivity and Quality improvement tools result in the realization of Lower Cost – High Quality – Time to Market equation.


Dedicated Innovation Team

We have a dedicated group of computer geeks devoting time and resources exclusively for R&D and innovation in new and futuristic technologies. They develop customizable IPs and Proofs of Concept using Iterative Development Model which are later adopted for providing cutting edge solutions and services to global enterprises.


Intellectual honesty, Integrity and Confidentiality

We have built long lasting relationships with our customers, employees, and partners through transparent, unambigious and honest interactions. We give utmost importance to integrity by striving hard to match the actions with words. We guarantee a high degree of confidentiality and security for all our customers. Customer information is kept strictly confidential with the help of NDAs involving customers, employees and our partner companies.


What we offer

Nichi-In offers custom software design and development ranging from Enterprise application software development, Enterprise Mobility solutions, Web Application development, Mobile Application development, Cloud application development, Social Media Analytics to Digital Marketing services.