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Corporate Social Responsibility


Nichi-In Corporate Citizenship is propelled by its core values and beliefs that we live in a bigger world and are responsible in bringing a positive change in the life of our community, employees and the world. We strongly emphasize on using enterprising spirit combined with rich skill set and dynamic attitude to serve the society in the way we serve our esteemed clients.

A popular adage says “It takes both sunshine and rain to make a rainbow”. We firmly believe in this saying, thereby integrating our strategic thinking in business and social initiatives to make a difference in the world. Nichi-In employees have pioneered many community welfare programs that align our core business values with the needs and expectation of stakeholders. 

A Snapshot of Nichi-In Social Endeavour

  • Contributing to disaster relief funds and playing an effective role in the road to recovery from the nature struck calamities

  • Contributing to charitable trusts and partnering with them for social causes for the upliftment of the society

  • Playing an effective role in educating communities so that the future is bright and filled with intelligent minds

  • Empowering women as we strongly believe “Women are the real architects of the society”

  • Improving the environment we live in and bestowing beauty to it

  • Working for the growth and welfare of the society


Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives by Nichi-In


Disaster Relief Aid

In the recent years, the world has witnessed several heartbreaking natural disasters like cyclones, earthquakes, landslides and floods which has taken many lives, uprooted many families and savagely damaged many regions throughout the world. 

Nichi-In is sensitive towards such calamities and continuously engages in relief efforts to help the disaster stricken victims to recover from crisis. One of its recent major initiatives has been “Contribution To Uttarakhand Relief Fund”.


Contribution To Uttarakhand Relief Fund

Cloudburst, flash floods, landslides brought havoc in Uttarakhand, resulting in destruction of life, property, roads, infrastructure facilities and leading to a stage where more than thousand hands had to get together to restore the lives of more than thousands of people, animals and reinstate the calmness that had always persisted in this Himalayan region. 



Nichi-In, being an empathic organization proactively assisted in relief operation by donating to Uttarakhand relief fund. 

We have always been socially responsible and look forward to continue our social efforts in building a society that lives together, smiles together and grows together.


Special Philanthropic Initiatives

A famous British Politician Winston Churchill once said “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.


Nichi-In firmly believes in making “a life worth living” and regularly indulges in fundraising activities and donating to charitable trusts for growth and upliftment of the downtrodden and innumerable victims of fate.


Contribution to MANAV Charities

Manav Charities, a NGO with a vision “No child should be left hungry” is continuously working towards providing poor children nutritious food to give them a healthy life. 




Nichi-In has supported Manav Charities in their earnest effort by contributing funds in order to play an effective role in building a healthy society. It is our unflagging resolve to continuously involve in charitable activities which helps in bringing a positive change in the society.