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Nichi-In’s self-owned software development premises is located in the heart of Bengaluru and is easily accessible within the city.

Our state-of-the-art technology at Nichi-In brings out the professionalism and effective infrastructure used to support and create a pleasant atmosphere to work. The conceptualization of our interiors is based on the age group of people who work with us, blending multicultural values. The ergonomically designed workstations are made spacious for privacy and informality.


We’ve also reserved ample space for recreational purposes, and casual reading space keeping in mind of our work culture and hours.


Our state of the art infrastructure includes:



Constructed space of approx. 8,000 sq ft for development.


Internet & Network

OFC leased line 24 hour internet connectivity (4Mbps) from YOU Broadband and leased port (2Mbps) from Airtel with ADSL (4Mbps), from BSNL as backup internet connection facility. Well centralized network structure using D-Link Cat-6 cables and switches along with wireless access points.


Network Security

Firewall enabled with Cyberoam independent UTM which also covers gateway level Anti virus, Internet, Mail security. Apart from UTM, individual systems are protected with well known Symantec End point protection.



D-Link network attached storage (NAS) with sufficient store capacity for day to day data backups. Secured lockers for media storage and backups.


Power Supply

24/7 adequate Power Supply with all floors air conditioned and acoustically controlled, with a view to maintaining a high quality atmosphere to work in. Redundancy extends to the entire facility which has 2 hours backup through UPS and a 100 KVA diesel generator as energy back up with precautionary fuel reserves.



Round the clock security guards to whole infrastructure and electronic access control systems are used to restrict access to personnel carrying access cards. Installed CCTV cameras with recording facility are the additional measure of security taken inside and outside of the building. Building is equipped with fire accident protection.


Legal Software

Possession of Intellectual Property Rights [IPR] for Legal software’s of Microsoft OS / Linux / ERP packages / Anti Virus and other software Testing tools.