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Localization & Globalization

Localization is the process of adapting internationalized software for a specific region or language by adding locale-specific components, tuning the user experience and translating text.


Software Localization is the process of adapting a software application or a product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market.


Internationalization or Globalization is the process of designing a software application or a product so that it can be adapted to various languages and regions without engineering changes.


Nichi-In’s Software Localization & Globalization offerings:

Japanese customers have been the major part of our Clientele over the years. By virtue of this, we have built Japanese language capabilities and knowledge over the period. We understand the nuances, user experience requirements and quality expectations of Japanese customers very well. We can localize your applications or products currently catering to English market to Japanese market, thereby opening a new business opportunity and a new market.


On the other hand, we can globalize applications or products currently developed in Japanese language to the English regions with ease.Our bilingual engineers, with their vast localization and globalization experience, extract and re-integrate all types of translatable elements to provide software localization and globalization of variety of applications and products.


We also provide bilingual website development(English and Japanese), conversion of existing websites to make them bilingual in Japanese and English.


Our Software Localization & Globalization Life Cycle Management covers all the aspects of localization as follows:

  • Project analysis and evaluation
  • Terminology research
  • Extraction of translatable content
  • Translation and revision
  • QA checks
  • Compilation of translated files
  • End to End Testing
  • User Experience Tuning

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