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Social Media Optimization and Marketing Services

Social Media allows organizations to promote their websites through an interactive method. Organizations can become popular among social media network and leverage their business through Social Media Optimization and Marketing.


Reach current customers through sites that are part of their everyday life. Connect with new customers. Raise brand awareness. Create an active, engaged community around your business.


Benefits of promoting website through Social Media

  • Brand building
  • Increased inbound links and referral traffic
  • Online community network with the best in the industry
  • Community followers engagement
  • Reaching target market segment
  • Negligible media cost
  • Increased search engine ranking


Benefits of Social Media Optimization/Marketing


1. Online Community: Become more responsive to target audience. Incorporate audience /consumer feedback into organization more quickly and effectively.


2. Link Popularity: SMO and SMM generate thousands of inbound links for website in very less time. This rapidly spreads awareness about organization’s business on the web.


3. Brand Awareness: SMO and SMM builds organization’s brand more human to the outside world and shows smartness, personality, behavior and passion behind organization’s Logo. As more and more users get to know about organization’s website, brand gains power and popularity and thus the organization earns the cutting edge over the competition.


4. Increased Online Traffic: The amount of online traffic to website incredibly increases. A website becomes popular which further motivates more internet users to browse through it. More traffic means more chances of conversions and increased leads.


5. Affordable and Effective: Increases awareness of the strength of organization’s current product lineup and provides perspective and accurate information about organization. The beauty of SMO is that, online marketing strategy does not make a big budget investment to an organization; it is affordable and very effective.


6. Measurable: All online SMO and SMM campaigns can be easily measured and returns generated by SMO/SMM can be quantified towards ROI.


7. Popular Social Media Networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube

We at Nichi-In have enabled many businesses to realize their potential thruough strategic SMO/SMM implementation.

Case Study


Client: Health Sector

Due to NDA issues we are not allowed to publish the client details here. The client is into health sector and is one of the leading hospitals in South India.

As they are already well established offline, they wanted to increase online brand awareness within a limited budget. 

Nichi-In suggested SMO/SMM implementation to reach the people and achieve goals online.



  • To increase the Page LIKES
  • To increase the Brand Awareness
  • To increase the Social Traffic


Nichi-In analyzed the visitor behavior, demography, regions and other factors that helps in targeting the right audience without spending much money and avoiding promotional efforts on unwanted audience. Nichi-In suggested Facebook media plan with creative ideas and promotional strategies to attract and engage the audience, so that awareness spreads to their community networks and increases the brand awareness, which leads to increase in traffic finally.

Today, the Facebook community page has crossed 45,000 fans in the span of 1 year. And they are getting huge response from community fans which is resulting in increased business. And 30% of the traffic source is from Social Media. 

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