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StayInSmart, the Smart Solution
to Elevate the Bar of Luxury of your Hotel to Sky-Scraping Heights.

StayInSmart is an innovative, full-service concierge, easy-to-use, integrated Mobile App, StayInSmart serves as a companion for the Hotel guests – Control Appliances in the Room, Lock/Unlock Doors, Order Food and more – all with the swipe of finger!





StayInSmart Serves to Ameliorate the Hotel Industry

We seek to improve the world of hotel industry as we want your guests to feel their very best from the moment they plan their stay. StayInSmart lets you make a statement of unbounded luxuries with your services with our creative technological solutions.


Key Benefits to Your Customers

  • Search and Select Desired Hotel Branch

  • Make Selection of Desired Suite

  • Book and Make Payment in Advance

  • Receive Confirmation of Stay in the Hotel

  • Control Appliances and Lock/Unlock Doors

  • View Restaurant’s Menu and Order Food

  • Discover and Explore Places of Interest

  • Plan Your Trip, Book Taxi and Get going

  • Get “Intelligent” Alerts and Notifications


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It’s Easy to Configure and Simple to Operate!

  • Eases configuration of Branches, Room Types, and Rooms as well as Manages Bookings.

  • Integrates with the existing Hotel Management System.

  • Works as a standalone solution even without integration of Hotel Management System (HMS) and Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) System.

  • Integrates with Restaurant Directory (Zomato, etc.), Taxi Services (Uber, etc.) and Digital Payment Options (PayUMoney, PayPal, etc.).

  • Requires only Wi-Fi-ready access and simple electrical configuration.

  • Developed for both iOS and Android users.

  • Operational even without modifying the existing electrical set up of hotel rooms.

  • Provides a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to the hotels to set them apart from similar businesses.

  • Delivery to hotel guests beyond expectation by enabling the control of Fans, Lights, AC, TV, Doors through app.

  • Transmitting food orders directly from the app to the restaurant enhances guest experience.


Built for :  Android, iOS

Technologies :  PHP, MongoDB, Xcode, Android SDK

Hardware :  Raspberry Pi 2, 16 Channel Relay boards


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